Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10 Embarrassing Architectural Failures

Maybe somebody should have spent longer practising with Lego blocks...

From a PM who proposed and negotiated fees for one of the 21st Centuries most successful architects comes a series of powerful guides that assists architects in writing and negotiating better agreements. Go here to get your guide to architects fees, contracts and negotiations...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Is It Time To Replace the Kitchen Fauchet?

There comes a time in every homeowners life when the time has come to replace the kitchen faucet. Whether it's because the thing is leaking or because it's time for remodeling, DIY is not as hard as you think it may be. Although I miss having someone at my beck and call to handle these types of household tasks, I realize that I can very easily search for step-by-step instructions on any subject conveniently located right there on Youtube.

Not just for remodeling the kitchen, I can also search for other great relevant ideas about organizing, efficiency, new technology, modern appliances, flooring, tile, marble rates, etc. and if I need specialty contractors I can compare price quotes, run background checks, see before and after pictures, and yes, I will haggle to negotiate the cost of labor.

Yes, today the internet has made being a homeowner easier than it's ever been. Here's a handy video on how to replace that kitchen faucet in any event...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Want To Sell Your House This Week?

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I can help you find out what to do if your home has been up for sale for 90 days or more...
  • Facing foreclosure
  • Probate estates
  • Work-related relocation
  • Retiring and moving south
  • House too big/small
  • Took on too much debt
  • Job loss for any reason
  • Divorce or separation
I buy all types of home in good or ugly condition for any reason. I will make you a fast, fair offer on your house and provide you with a number of options including staying in the home. Call me today! I'm a professional home buyer
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